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My blog has moved

Posted by SaeedM on 31 August, 2007

The new URL is See all my new posts there.

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20 Things Learned from Tech Support

Posted by SaeedM on 7 August, 2007

I was covering Paul’s Tech Support role last week and came across this:

  • As long as the world turns, users will still have problems
  • Substance abusers and computer operators are the only folks called users. This isn’t by chance
  • When in doubt. Reboot

Read more at the source

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Microsoft Works is now free

Posted by SaeedM on 1 August, 2007

This came as a bit of a surprise to me.

So many PC vendors install it on their machines that I’ve always taken it for granted. In fact it tends to be the first thing I uninstall from any new PC that comes my way. I probably have draws full of unopened Works CDs.

Techcrunch has more information for anyone that might be interested.

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Finally we get the Xbox 360 Elite

Posted by SaeedM on 11 July, 2007

Engadget is reporting that Microsoft has finally announced the Xbox 360 Elite for our (European) shores. The mega console with HDMI and 120GB HDD is set to hit Europe on 24th August.

Time to convince the OH that our PS2 has served us well and should be retired, methinks.

Xbox 360 Elite

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Awesome sounding BMW 135i

Posted by SaeedM on 4 July, 2007

How BMW managed to get their three liter twin turbo engine from the 335 into a 1 series coupe is a wonder in itself. But the sound is absolutely awesome.

This is what an engine generating 300hp @ 5800rpm and 300 lb-ft torque, rocketing it from 0-60mph in just 5.3-seconds sounds like.

I hope it’s on the cheaper side of £30k.

Check the video below.

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Supercharged MTM Audi RS4 Clubsport

Posted by SaeedM on 12 June, 2007

MTM’s supercharger conversion for the already immensely powerful RS4 adds a huge 20,000 euros on top of the price of your bog standard RS4, but boy does it sound good too. This turns your car (if you own an RS4) into something that can hit almost 200 mph (199 if you want to be exact) and 62mph in 3.9 seconds.

Audiworld have a full review and many more snaps of this fire-breathing, 535 bhp beast.

Audi MTM RS4

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An Aluminium Phone from Porsche Design

Posted by SaeedM on 9 June, 2007

Like Prada and other designers, Porsche is also stepping into the mobile phone market. Unlike some, this isn’t just any old phone with a Porsche badge on it. This super-cool phone has a case milled from a single block of aluminium and includes fingerprint security.

Apparently it’s the result of collaboration between Porsche Design and Sagem Communication and may be called the Porsche – Sagem P9521.

It’s due to be released in September. I wonder if Vodafone will offer it as an upgrade?

Porsche Phone

Porsche Phone

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More Outrageous Car Bodywork Art

Posted by SaeedM on 8 June, 2007

This time it’s on a Merc M Class. At least it’s a better car than the little roadster I mentioned a few posts ago. Autoblog has a whole gallery of pics.

Epic Art on a Mercedes

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Wifi causes cancer!!! Aaargh!!!!

Posted by SaeedM on 8 June, 2007

This cool pic on Wellington Grey conveys my feelings about this exactly.

Wifi routers take over the world!

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M500 Mobile Phone / Watch

Posted by SaeedM on 29 May, 2007

The world’s smallest mobile phone. That’s the claim made by SMS, the makers of the M500 watch/mobile phone.

This looks like one seriously cool gadget. The 500 jammie buggers who’ve ordered this before 1st April ’07 will be getting their watch shipped on or around the 30th of May. The rest of us can order and drool until we get our own.

All your dreams of looking like Michael Knight or Dick Tracey (if you happen to dream that way!) can come true.

My only concerns would be battery life, which is claimed to be 80 hours standby and 200 minutes talk-time, and the teeny size of the touch screen.

Other than than, in terms of sheer geeky coolness, this one is way up on the scales.

M500 mobile phone watch

Click the pic for website and specs.

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